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Cycle route 3

 The route is quite difficult It is mainly caused by  one hard,  long, mostly  asphalt road up to Jawor Hill. At a distance of 4 kilometres we   face   with almost 300 meters altitude difference. Before this part  you can warm up   going up along  two  shorter, asphalts stretches of the road : under  the Żukowa range and under the pass between Łobozewo and Teleśnica.  Exhaustion  after this difficulties will be compensated by going down  the road which parts   look like  their mirror reflections. The attractive, 4-kilometre field section between the Teleśnica Bay and the Jawor Peninsula is also  worth mentioning. Going along    Solinske Lake banks,   we cross the ravines of   5 streams  flowing down the slope  of Jawor Mountain to the lake. This part, requires some concentration because of the lack of clear signs.  After long, heavy  rains there may occur   mud  that makes this part much more difficult. On hot days the wild beaches encourage bathing. At the the Municipal Office  of Olszanica  we take   the road no. 84 to the  east going  slightly up the valley of the Stary Potok. We pass   the buildings of Stefkowa village and we reach Ustjanowa Dolna.   We get off  the main communication arterial here  and turn to the south into the local  road leading to the village of Łobozew. This trail runs across  the range of Żukowa - it rises on the northern slope, passes through the ridge and goes down on the  south  slope  to the valley of the Łoboźnica river. We finish at the place called Pastewnik. We continue going to the south. At the beginning it goes slightly upwards by Łobozew Górny, then goes down under the ridge connecting the massif of Jawor and Żukowo Mountain. We cross  the  pass  537 m. a.s.l.  and go down to the village of Teleśnica Oszwarowa.  At the beginning we turn to the west and  go by paved roads, initially down the Daszówka stream, then along the right bank of the Teleśnicka  Bay. At the end of the bay we take the north direction. Going along the  above-mentioned field - bank section we reach the Jawor military resort  located on this peninsula. There is an extensive asphalt uphill road. At the bottom   of the road it is moderated by  four switchbacks. Going up higher it is much more difficult  but you can enjoy the beautiful  views of the lake.  We leave the top with  the cell phone tower on  the right-hand side and then  there is   a long, winding downhill slope to the right bank of Solina. Using a busy promenade on the dam in Solina, we cross the road No. 895. We go down the switchback to the bottom of the dam, then overcoming the massif of Żukowiec, we reach the village of Bóbrka. We get off  the busy road  and the local road leading along the east bank of the Myczkowieckie Lake and  at the foot of the   Kozińca massif, we reach the Myczkowce resort.  Next, suffering a bit on the pre-war cobblestones, overcoming the   the Myczkowieckie Rocks ,  we go through  Podkamionka village   to Uherce Mineralne. At this point  we return to the road no. 84 and going east, along the edge of the Uherce valley, we return to Olszanica to the place where we started the route.

Route on the map

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