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Cycle route 5

The route is quite easy, with three variants of decreasing high difference. The first one runs along the gravel and bitumen road. This  long and strenuous   with  200 metres altitude difference part of the route leads from Stefkowa to the 646 m a.s.l.  pass.  The second variant runs on the concrete slabs. It is a bit shorter, with the 150 meters altitude difference  and it leads to the viewing glades over Serednica village.  Finally, the third variant which runs along the asphalt road behind Brelików. It looks like  a “little   brother”  of the first ones.  It is easy to predict that there is a similar number of downhill runs, the first of which, gravel-concrete, leading to the ski station at the bottom of Laworta Mountain, is extremely exciting. Taking into account the viewing advantages,   the  stretch  of the route that runs  along  agricultural used   glades on the peaks   of  the Mostów massif  is worth recommended.  With no exaggeration, we can say that the glades are the imitation of the subalpine meadows (Połoniny). This 2-kilometre section is the only field trip. Thanks to the  ridge run  and insolation, the path quickly gets dry  and the route is passable even after rainfalls. The trip connects three passes of the European watershed  separating the San and Strwiąż rivers drainage basins. We start out  from Olszanica to the east, towards Ustrzyki Dolne, we take  no. 84 road  which gently goes along  the valley of the Stary  Potok stream.  We leave the road behind the Orthodox Church  and then  turn towards the forest massifs situated in the north of the village. We take  the paved road along   the Figura Stream. At the beginning it  goes up gently between the fields, then steeply up to the narrow valley between the long massifs of  Ostry Dział  and  Wielki Król. A wide, comfortable, quasi-asphalt road leads to the 646 m a.s.l. watershed dividing pass. In front of us there is the  downhill part of the route on the  north slope of Kamienna Laworta Mountain to the ski station at its foot and from here to the nearby village of Łodyna. We take direction  to the northwest and without special effort we go up the local road through the resort  village Dźwiniacz Dolny then we cross the watershed dividing  Dźwiniacka Pass and reach the settlement Serednica. In front of us there is an interesting uphill part of the route along  concrete road  to the situated in the north of    Serednica village    ridge  then  taking   the dirt  road running along the ridge,  we reach situated in the east  the highest point of  Mostów hill  and go down  down along the winding concrete road to the local road in the valley of  the Uniaczka and Wańkówka streams. We reach it on the next watershed dividing  pass of  Wolanów.  We turn to the west and go through the village of  Leszczowate  to   nearby  Brelików village. At its eastern end, we turn into a side road running   through  the forest  in the  small oil-rich valley hidden behind the small massif of Leśnianka. The road  leads to the southern end of the village of Ropienka,  where   a bit of archaic oil field is still used. We direct  now to the southwest. Taking  the convenient local road, along the streams of Ropienka and Wańkówka, passing   stretched on the distance of  over 3 km Wańkowa, we go into   Olszanica from the direction of   settlement called  Pod Magurą.

Route on the map

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