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Cycle route 7

The route is difficult with lots of    field sections leading through forest paths and dirt  roads. In addition, there are several extremely off-road  parts which  we have to  pass  walking and demanding  route along the ridge of  the Koziniec massif. After the rainfall we  can  face large areas of long-standing mud, called by local people  “maziuga”  or   “Bieszczady mayonnaise”. On the route there are some breathtaking views especially   those from the quarry in Bóbrka on  both  Bieszczady lakes. The viewing experience will weaken  later complaining about the  condition of the bike and other equipment. Bikers who don’t like “mayonnaise” are advised to wait a few days  after the rain.   Warning! The part of the route between Bereżnica Niżna and Zabrodzie is badly marked.  Leaving  Olszanica we go to the  west following  no. 84  road to Uherce Mineralne and then we go  to the  south to the local road through Podkamionka and Zwierzyń and we continue to the  hydropower plant. Don’t be misled  by this picturesque, recreational start, because the joke is over when  we    leave Zwierzyń village. In front of us  there are the highest wooden peaks surrounding Myczkowskie Lake from the west. We start  with the crossroads at the eastern foot of Grodzisko Mountain, then  we cross the  narrow valley between Grodzisko and Berdo.   The mouth of the  Bereżnica stream  forms a large bay. Coming almost along  a counter line  we go around the bay to start a demanding off-road  stretch which   falls  down to the lake on the eastern, covered with beech forests,   slope of Berdo.  Then  going through the wide glades  we reach the first buildings of Zabrodzie. From here, going on   asphalt roads, we reach the  the Solina dam,  walking through the promenade on the top of the dam, we go to the right bank of Solina and  taking local roads through  Żukowiec mountain  we go down  to Bóbrka.  Short stretch of the busy road leads us to the foot of the quarry at Koziniec. The biggest challenge of the route  is ahead us - a stiff   ride up  to  the pit.  It may be necessary to carry a bicycle. But do not let the spirit down, going along the transverse terraces will give you  the chance to take a rest and the views  will impress you. After reaching the top of the pit, the challenge is quite different - the single-track with natural rock garden leading along the ridge of  Koziniec to Myczkowce. For those who are unsure in such riding, it is  advised to  walk  and carry the bike . We go through Myczkowce passing   the place for bathing  called "under the rock", then over the Myczkowieckie Rocks we turn to the east into Michałowiec massif. We   start with  the uphill ride  with  lots of places full of mud “maziuga”. At the top of the massif, we   reach the asphalt road which leads us   to Orelec. On the way we  cross the road No. 895 and start the last dirt road running  across the western part of the Żukow massif. Then we go down to situated in  it  the valley of the Stary Potok and  Stefkowa River and taking  no. 84 road we    go slightly down  to the west  and  finally return  to Olszanica.

Route on the map

Modern tools to support the development of tourism for small tourist destinations in Poland (commune Olszanica) and Slovakia (period Svidnik). Microprojekt no .: INT/EK/KAR/1/I/A/0007