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Cycle route2

This  route is  quite easy   but a little bit  confusing in case of finding right direction. It is rather  dedicated to people willing to sightsee. It connects practically all the historic objects located in  the west side of Olszanica,  especially in the area of ​​the former property  of Kmita magnate   family. We can visit  several valuable churches and orthodox churches as well as  other  unique monuments of Podkarpackie province such as the ruins of the monastery in Zagórz, the   synagogue and the Jewish cemetery in Lesko, the ruins of the medieval castle on  Sobień mountain.     There are some more places worth visiting for example: the Lesko Stone      -   a natural monument which is mentioned in many legends  , beaver reserve on the river Olszanka or unique the Way of the Cross on  monastery hill in Zagórz.  Some of these attractions   are in short distance from  the route  and  to visit them you should get off the route and go  several hundred metres more. Others are just on the way. There is one difficult field  stretch on the route -  going up Postłowska mountain behind Wielopole village. When it is warm you can play  in the  Osława river, which flows lazily through Zagórz. Passing  Zagórz, we go to the  north to the local road towards Ropienka. We quickly get off  it and cross the Wańkówka stream going to  the right bank of this stream. The asphalt road leads to the watershed dividing between the river basins of Wańkówka and Dyrbek. Then we go  downhill to the west, at the foot of the gliding centre on Kamionka Hill and we get  Bezmiechowa. We return to the north, through the nameless ridge,  we reach Manasterzec and  going down the village, we get a busy road going along the bank of the San River. It goes uphill to  Sobień mountain, where   the ruins of the castle are hidden.  Then it leads along the edge of the Słonne Mountains  to Załuż.  We turn back to the south and take  two crossings: the railway bridge through the San River to Zasław and the road  bridge through Osława to Zagórz.  The boulevard along  the Osława River   leads to  Marymont hill   with the ruins of the monastery. While admiring the Way of the Cross, we return to the Road to Komancza village but we quickly get off it. We turn to the east and cross again  the  Osława River going  to Wielopole. We can see the  bleached Orthodox church,  the ruins of the monastery and time to go up    Postołowska Mountain. We will have opportunity to rest on the way down along the old road to Postołów. After crossing the San River, taking no.   84 road,   we go  to the historic centre of Lesko. Then passing the springs of mineral water, we take the  gravel road through Średnia Mountain and we reach Glinne village where  the Leski Kamień is hidden. We pass the village    trying to avoid the busy road. Then taking the gravel road we go through the picturesque area along   the railway to get to Podkamionka village.  Next  we  use the country  roads, crossing the flat area , along the  the beaver reserve, and looking out for walking signs ,  we reach Uherce Mineralne. Time to visit the church and then  we go to Olszanica, where at the Municipal Office we finish the route.

Route on the map

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