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red nordic walking trail

The beginning of the route is located in Orelc, at the  characteristic wooden  sculpture of Carpathian brigand "Tołhaj".  After the warm-up, which proposal is placed on the board with the description of the routes, we start   the trail. We cross the road No. 895, connecting Solina and  Uherce Mineralne and passing   the historic wooden St. Joseph’s  church which was built in 1740, we take the asphalt road and march up. After crossing 1,5 km, at the crossroads we turn right. At a distance of a  kilometre, leaving the red trail  and going 100 metres   , we can see a nature monument - a rock - commonly called "Orelecki kamień". The interesting legend of "Stone Heart of Stepmother" written down  by Oskar Kolberg is connected with this stone. From  the top of Michalowiec (472 m  a.s.l.) we go down along the dirt road to  Myczkowce , where at the entrance to the dam we reach the halfway of the route.  After learning   about  the tourist attractions waiting for us in Myczkowce, we take the same way and we return to Orelec . Alternatively, we can extend our march by going to the Black trail  leading to   Zwierzyń   or crossing the Dam to the green route. A route dedicated to people with good physical condition.

Route on the map

Modern tools to support the development of tourism for small tourist destinations in Poland (commune Olszanica) and Slovakia (period Svidnik). Microprojekt no .: INT/EK/KAR/1/I/A/0007