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Cycle route 1

 The route is easy,  it does not require special conditions, without technical sections. It is easy to orientate. The route  leads  along the hard –surfaced roads and therefore is completely passable even after heavy rains. The hardest parts are a 300-meter, rigid asphalt road up to the massif of Osonia at 23 km which closes   the Łodyna valley  and a 4-kilometre gravel route from the Laworta ski station to the 646 m a.s.l.  pass. There are two places where we cross the European watershed dividing.   The Strwiąż River  and streams flowing down to the Strwiąż -  Łodyna and Łodynka flow  their waters to the Black Sea. In the 16th century the villages located along  them were part of the so-called Strwiąska  Land. We leave  Olszanica  and go to the north. We take the local road leading up the valley of the Wańkówka stream. After crossing the narrow isthmus between the eastern  outskitr of the Słonne Mountains and the massif of Magura, we go to the east. We go through Wańkowa and  then  we again take the northern azimuth. The road leads now upstream the Ropienka Stream (side-stream  of  the Wańkówka). The next settlement on the route is Ropienka village. Having passed the settlement  established at the oilfield, we reach the old part of the village at the foot of t Chwaniów. We leave the local road here and turn to the south-east. Then we  climb up the chain of rural development. Behind  Ropienka, after crossing watershed   dividing  under Brańcowa, we start  going down along  the  gravel road  which runs  through  the area covered with forests and through the uninhabited valley of the   Łodyna stream. Close to  the mouth of the valley, the road goes far  from the stream, rises on the eastern slope of the massif  of Osonia, then goes down to the road no. 84 connecting Ustrzyki Dolne and  the border crossing  point in  Kroscienko. We go  along the road to the southwest,  then we go up the  Strwiąż River. Another village meeting  on the route is Brzegi Dolne. Half way down the road, we turn to the north, we take the local road towards the village of Łodyna untill  the first buildings then we turn  left to the ski resort on the massif of  Laworta. At the bottom of the ski lift we change the direction to the west. We  go again through  the lonely areas. Then we take gravel-concrete road in the forest, traversing the northern slopes of the masiffs of  Kamienna Laworta Mountain  and Wielki Król, we climb the 646 m a.s.l. pass. It joins the massif of Wielki Król and Ostry Dział.  It is an European watershed dividing.  After crossing it, we begin a comfortable, long ride down through   the valley of the Figura Stream, which belongs to the basin of the Baltic. This part of the route we end in the middle of the village of Stefkowa, next to  the  wooden church and the   mound called “Mogiła Tatarska”.   Here we are again on the main communicational  artery. We turn to the west and take  the road No. 84. We go  slightly down, along  the Stary Potok stream. After   4 kilometers, we pass the palace complex and the brick orthodox church and we complete  the loop next to  the Olszanica Commune Office. It is the place where the Stary Potok Stream joins the Wankówka stream giving  the beginnig of the Olszanka River

Route on the map

Modern tools to support the development of tourism for small tourist destinations in Poland (commune Olszanica) and Slovakia (period Svidnik). Microprojekt no .: INT/EK/KAR/1/I/A/0007