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Tour "Do ściany skalnej ukrytej w lesie pod Kostryniem"

Myczkowce OWR “Caritas” – the Recreation  and Rehabilitation    Centre  - the bridge over the Olszanka River  - Podkamionka -   following the green trail to the junction of trails – the approach   to the yellow walking trail   and reaching  the" rock wall near Kostryn "- downhill walk  through the forest  to Zwierzyń - bunker of the defensive fortifications of the" Molotov Line " - Myczkowce OWR "Caritas".

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Modern tools to support the development of tourism for small tourist destinations in Poland (commune Olszanica) and Slovakia (period Svidnik). Microprojekt no .: INT/EK/KAR/1/I/A/0007