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Tour "Do źródełka elektrowni i przełomu Sanu w Zwierzyniu"

Zwierzyń (the car park next to the PKS bus stop) - bridge over  the San  river -  roman-catholic church ( former orthodox church from 1755-1799 with the  wall of broken stone) - old cottage with  hip roof and wall niche -  stations  of the Way of  the Cross – the San river with a landmark section with water bird sanctuary - spring with the chapel – Hydropower Plant under  Grodzisko – the asphalt road along the San river to the bridge and bus stop next to the San.

Route on the map

Modern tools to support the development of tourism for small tourist destinations in Poland (commune Olszanica) and Slovakia (period Svidnik). Microprojekt no .: INT/EK/KAR/1/I/A/0007