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Tour "Na polankach pasma Żukowa"

Orelec (the car park at the school and sculpture of Carpathian brigand "Tołhaj" ) -   yellow walking  trail in the direction of the Żuków Mountain range  next to the holiday cottages "Szept" - glade under Żuków - Żuków (491 m) - junction of trails and small glade  above Stefkowa – along Żukow ridge to the animal sanctuary and small glades where the blue walking trail goes to Orelec – downhill walk through beech forest  to the glades under Żuków (animal sanctuary) – Zagroda “Magija”  ( farmstead for tourism reason) – bus stop at the school – along the road for about 700 m  to the school (Ewelina Wyderka’s workshop of krywulki  and   the shelter with bread oven to take a rest) -  the car park at  the  sculpture of Carpathian brigand "Tołhaj"

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