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The Bieszczady School of Craft

The Bieszczady School of Craft  is going to be opened in the near future in Uherce Mineralne.
It is the next important project and tourists attraction, after Bieszczadzkie Drezyny Bikes,  established by Janusz Demkowicz.  It’s worth pointing out   the place  where people will have opportunity  to participate actively in the workshops of the disappearing jobs. The Bieszczady School of Craft will be located in the historic over 100-year-old school, which was bought with the land. The building  has been renovating for some time and as soon as it is finishes, new modifications will be made. It is important for the owner to connect the tradition  and modernity. It will be possible by using the latest methods of exhibition. He hopes to achieve it by set of projectors which  will be able to support demonstrations and workshops. The Kaiser panorama  and theme games are also planned to be used in teaching.  The participants will have opportunity  to attend three kinds of workshops: pottery, calligraphy and art paper-making.  After buying tickets, the participants will have chance to acquire the necessary skills  that  would enable them to continue pre-industrial tradition.

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09 October 2017

The Bieszczady School of Craft

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