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Baroque Roman Catholic church

Brick late  Baroque Roman Catholic church under the  invocation on  the  Bishop Stanislaus founded by Fr. Jakub Jaworski. It was built between 1754 and 1757.  Consistent , late baroque interior of the church with rococo ornaments comes from the second half of the e 18th century. Polychrome   by Antoni Stroiński  was painted at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries and it was  was repainted by Jan Tabiński in 1901. The free-standing bell tower and a two-meter high defensive wall with shooting holes are worth mentioning. The wall surrounding the church is a unique landmark in the  whole country. The architect of the entire historical complex was the architect of the Silesian Gotfryd Hoffman who  gave the buildings the characteristics of Late Baroque Silesian architecture features which is unique in this area. 
The temple, the bell tower and the defensive wall form a symmetrical arrangement. The axis of symmetry is the line running through the bell tower, the church and the centre of the niche in the defensive wall behind the apse. Near the wall surrounding the church, there are 19th century tombstones of landowners of neighbouring villages, local parish priests and Franciszek Leszczyński - officer of the January Uprising.

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