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The gallery of Dezider Milly

The gallery of Dezider Milly is the third exhibition of the Slovak National Museum (SNM) - the Museum of Ukrainian Culture in Svidník. It was opened in 1983. It is a Baroque palace from the 18th century. It presents the development of folk and professional art of Rusyn-Ukrainians from the 16th century to today. The dominant element of the exhibition is a valuable collection of icons, which belong to the oldest and most valuable collections of the SNM - the Ukrainian Cultural Museum in Svidník.
The exhibition chronologically presents the stages of the development of the art of writing icons in the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries. Additionally, as part of the exhibition, works of representatives of the older and younger generation of artists engaged in the work are presented: I. Kulec, P. Hromnyckyj, E. Bissová, O. Dubay, Š. Hapák, M. Rogovský, I. Šafranko, J. Kresila, A. Gaj, M. Čabal, M. Feďkovič, P. Michalič, P. Kolisnyk and others.
The central place in the exhibition is occupied by the works of the national artist Dezider Milli (1906 - 1971) - belonging to the Generation 1909, who made his mark in the history of contemporary fine arts in Slovakia as one of its founders. A characteristic feature of the works of D. Mille, whose name is the gallery, which proudly admitted to its Ukrainian roots, is the intended color, richness, technical diversity, masterful representation of a rural man and the ability to penetrate into it, poetry and balladicity.

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