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Wooden churches in eastern Slovakia

North-eastern Slovakia, thanks to its geographical location in the Center of Europe and as a result of various historical conditions, has become a crossroads of cultures, which at this place met, influenced and spread in various directions. In this area valuable architectural monuments have been created over the centuries, today indisputably belonging to the treasury of world culture. Their extremely important part are wooden sacred buildings, which by their originality, the application of technical-artistic architectural solutions and social significance have been included among the most valuable monuments of culture of the Slovak Republic and are protected as national cultural monuments. Wooden churches, which have been preserved in north-eastern Slovakia in locations with a significant number of Ruthenian residents, are an important manifestation of the mastery of the people, his passion for beauty and harmony with the surrounding world. At the same time, they are an expression of respect and love for God, love for one's neighbor and pride in their Old Slavic - Ruthenian traditions.
 Amended text, taken from the publication: Miroslav Sopoliga "Perly ľudovej architektúry", 1996.
 List of wooden churches (churches) around:
Krajné Čierno
Krajné Čierno
Nižný Komárnik
Svidník - Nová Polianka
Vyšný Komárnik

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